Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian Academy of Arts gathers the art, architecture, design, and art history academies into one building, stitching into the existing urban fabric through an art plaza.


The winning scheme allocated 50% of the site for a public plaza that extends into the building and spirals up through the floor plans, creating a series of indoor social spaces connected to the various programs in the building. At the top of the building, it culminates in a public-accessible roof terrace.


The new academy building is situated in the heart of Tallinn. The building contains facilities for the departments of art, architecture, design and art history. In addition to the academic program, the project includes a library, gallery, shop, conference facilities, and a public plaza, totaling 30.000 square meters. Quote from the Jury Report: “The Jury voted Art Plaza as the winner of the competition because it is by far the best proposal when it comes to architectural concept, outer qualities, and inner life. The project is stunningly simple and at the same time fascinatingly complex.”

 Lead by EFG Team Members

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